domingo, 21 de julho de 2013


                                                 THE  LORD AND MAN

                                            UNIVERSE IN A WONDERFUL,
                                            WATCHING THE GREAT LORD,
                                            CREATED THE EARTH, THE SEA AND THE MAN,
                                            GAVE YOU CARE AND MUCH LOVE.

                                           BUT MAN, WITH HIS INTELLIGENCE,
                                           CREATED, THE WAR AND HUNGER,
                                           HAS NO PITY, YOUR LIKE,
                                          BECAUSE INSIDE THE PRIDE IS MORE IMPORTANT.

                                          WHAT MATTERS MOST, IF THE RAIN FALLS,THE RIVERS OVERFLOW
                                         FILL THE CITIES, AND MANY PEOPLE KILL ANIMALS,
                                         EVEN SO, YOUR PLACE WEE,
                                         SPEAK CHEEKY, I HAVE MONEY AND POWER,
                                        JUST DO NOT KNOW LOVE, LOVE ME AS THE CREATOR.

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