quinta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2013

you are important and special to someone

                                    You are important and special to someone!!
Life is full of struggle and joy, but only the one who wins gets up and goes down fighting, lying there waiting thinking that the solution turns from nothing, here I am wondering if the woman's blood stream (Lc.cap.8 vers.40-56), waiting for Jesus to pass and stay not had the courage to go to meet him, would not have achieved a victory because it gives us a great lesson that is to have attitude, faith, go after what you want to achieve, and even when all things are not in your favor, there will always be a way out, never think that you are nothing, is not nobody move, as will never be alone. So, get up a mirror to look is in your home, look at it and say to yourself, "I'll be in the future," which way to go, not one iota arrede this way, because the sun shine for you.
  Make a decision for the God of the impossible will always be watching you and snuggle you.

             EMANOEL {CLEMENT}

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