sábado, 29 de junho de 2013

what comes into our house


             Hello, my friends. once again I write to you with great joy and ask to observe what we let into our homes through the media, the other day I got in my house, of course obvious after one more day of work and to top it tired me came across my family watched a soap opera, but knowing it was just a novel, I began to notice the family model that tv is showing us, a successful man, above suspicion, apparently a good head of family, have in your home a son who makes no matter to show that love your child brings a certain kind of homophobic message, because it usually puts his son grounded in the closet, and who is in the closet is he does scam site work, live all the time trying to pass undergrowth in the father and sister, his wife was his father's girlfriend in which he has a son in law, my daughter is still a teenager had to call her to talk and tell you what was not a type of program that she should watch because this is not the kind of program that could bring she has worked for your life, what kind of training brings to the young because many people think that happens in the novel, also can work in life, but not only has it not, the such bbb, which shows people chasing a fortune without any scruples ninety days are getting cash and bringing caller, bad example to your home, only party and drink, it seems like it does not have to work if you really want to have a good life, let's make a chain and also stop watching certain programs.
            Why not teach in their programs that young people have to respect their parents, they show you what good sex and after marriage, you should not be betrayed your wife or husband, with some of these examples and others can begin improve our society family

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